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Take Your Business To New Heights with WBS STRATEGY


We help you get to the bottom of it all

Owners or managers of companies that have been established for around 10 to 25 years are likely to ask themselves the following questions on a regular (possibly daily) basis:


  • Why are we turning over more revenue, yet the margins are going down?
  • Why do I work so hard?
  • Why do I have so little balance between my work and private life?
  • Why don’t I enjoy what I do anymore?
  • Why can’t I see a light at the end of the tunnel?

Moving Forward

Creating a healthy balance

And there are many more questions and concerns that owners and managers of growing companies have about the present and their futures. In fact, experience shows that the most questions of this type arise in larger companies and in those that have seen rapid growth.

The aim of WBS Strategy is therefore to work closely with business owners to find the answers to difficult issues for you and your employees.

WBS Strategy also looks closely at the work completed versus the reward; whilst hard work should be rewarded, it is important to strike the right balance.


How does WBS Strategy work?

WBS Strategy will work with you to make the business more efficient and therefore more profitable and develop short, medium- and long-term plans, all based around what it is that you want to achieve. 

Changes can take place in many forms but depend on where you are right now (the starting point) and where it is you want to be (the end point). 

There are 4 different scenarios 

1. Both the starting point and end point are known, a classical approach is needed

2. The starting point is unknown but the end point is known, so incremental changes are needed

3. The starting point is known but the end point is unknown; the end point will become much clearer to you during the process

  1. The starting point and the end point are both unknown so structure is quickly needed (creativity, chaos and improvisation are the keywords)

You will of course not be left alone in making these changes as there is constant guidance (often 24/7) so that you have support in making key decisions, creating value, communicating to stakeholders, facing complex situations, or even coping with difficult financial situations.

WBS Strategy stands for ‘Without Bullshit Strategy’ and simply indicates what the company stands for: plain talking, no frills, making simple plans and taking actions. We will identify your goal together and work towards achieving that goal together with the motto ‘Keep It Simple & Stupid’.

When it comes to making changes, WBS Strategy mainly looks at ADKAR

– Awareness, 

– Desire, 

– Knowledge, 

– Ability,

– Reinforcement. 

Who is WBS Strategy?

Elles de Jong is a very experienced sales and people manager, with many awards to his name in the world of investments and complex financial and political matters. He is living proof of turnaround management; after his career in the financial world he completely changed course. Fluent in four languages, he now guides, supports and coaches all sorts of companies in multiple sectors throughout the world with great success (even if he can’t pronounce ‘Worcestershire sauce’). 

If you are interested or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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